Oswald's Ghost Analysis

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There are innumerable conspiracies regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but according to the film “Oswald’s Ghost”, after forty years none of the theories have panned out. Certainly, it is human nature to find solutions, to solve the mystery, and to have the answer pan out. That is why countless people have tried to solve the mystery by delving into the past of Lee Harvey Oswald to find out if he was the perfect assassin or if he the perfect patsy. The Occam’s razor explanation, meaning the simplest one is the most likely explanation would suggest that Oswald was the perfect assassin and the only assassin. There are red flags in his childhood and early adult life that suggest he could have pulled off such a feat such as being a loner, being a Marine sharpshooter, and being sympathetic to the Communists. Remarkably, it is believed that in April 1963 he attempted to kill right winger Edwin A.…show more content…
Any number of people could have convinced him to attempt to kill the president and then they would kill him so that any questions could not be answered. There are claims that he was involved with the CIA, the Mafia, Russians, and Cubans. All of these groups were at odds with Kennedy and could have had reason to assassinate Kennedy. If they interacted with Oswald, they could have made him some kind of offer he could not refuse of a better life, greater power, or public recognition. Undoubtedly Oswald was seeking power, and seemed to have a miserable life so he could have been the perfect pawn in someone else 's plan to kill the president. This could be the reason why he was called a patsy. Additionally he was known for his dissatisfaction with the American government to want to blame them for his own

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