The Terrible Consequences of Teaching Hate Essay

The Terrible Consequences of Teaching Hate Essay

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Hate is it just a word, just a phrase or is it a little more than that? Did you know that every day at least eight black people, three white, three jews, and one latino become hate crime victims. Most of these crimes are
committed by people between the ages of 15-24 years old. There is a “ time to love
and a time to hate” like it says in the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible. We do have
a time to hate to a circumstance, just not as much as we do now today. We need
more love in the world to rule out all the hate we have. Is hate just word. There are
so many causes and effects, reasons why we hate, things we need to do to make
the world a better place, how many incidents happen, and the root of hate.

Some causes are these groups Ku Klux Klan, the White Aryan Resistance (WAR) and other neo-Nazi to teach violence towards, religious, sexual and other biases .These groups recognize that they raise many issues.Former WAR youth leader Greg Withrow said, "before I ever learned to hate, I learned to fear." They are taught to believe that people of different biases are a threat to their way of life, and that they only have one choice and that is to fight back in a violence. Many teens like to know the opinions of their peers. Many teens who have been involved and have left white supremacist groups say they joined because their friends were doing it or because they wanted to fit in some place .Family may cause strong influences on attitudes regarding other people.Many teens are exposed to family prejudices in a day-to-day routine. those attitudes coming from important role models will affect how they view others.The mass media play a major role in making youth popular att...

... middle of paper ... it may cause a feeling of mastery and no hate remains. It is when fear goes instantly
to blame and a desire for defending against criticism or revenge that makes it turns into hate, because the root of control for correcting the challenge is outside to the person, not the inside. If you blame somebody for something, you are not responsible; if your not responsible, you are powerless to correct the injustice. Hate is fear and obtained powerlessness in the chase of a injustice.
in conclusion to this hate is the worst thing you can put anybody through. It ruins peoples lives, beats down on their confidence, and even causes people to not want to live any more. So next time you think you hate somebody doublethink it do you really hate them. Or are you jealous, do you fear them and/or do you just do it because. Hate it’s really dumb thing to do so just don’t do it.

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