Essay on Tell Me About Your Family

Essay on Tell Me About Your Family

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Tell me about your family
There are six people in my family. This includes my husband Jason and our four children. Their names are Tyler, Paige, Lyla, and Hayden. Tyler and Paige are from my first marriage and Lyla and Hayden are from my marriage with Jason. We also have two cats, named Gizmo and Elizabeth. Our house is very full, but we love it because it is always warm and welcoming. (Becky’s family is blended because of her two marriages. This is different from my family because my sisters and I all grew up with the same mother and father).
Is having a blended family tough?
No, I would not say so. My previous husband and I have a positive relationship and just want what is best for our kids. We both know that us being married is not a good idea, but we can still remain friends so our children can benefit and not be stressed out about whose side to take. My current husband also gets along with my ex-husband which helps to keep our families civil. My ex-husband will always be in my life because of my first two kids, but as long as we are civil and can work together it will only benefit our children.
Tell me about your child (children)?
My oldest son is Tyler. He is fourteen years old and a freshman in high school. He is a very smart and laid back person. Tyler also enjoys playing travel baseball. My second child is my daughter Paige. She is very smart and a very talented dancer. She has been dancing since about the age of three. Paige is thirteen years old and an eighth grader in middle school. My third child is my daughter Lyla. She is four years old. She is funny, sweet, and wants to be just like her older sister Paige. She also loves to dance and has been dancing for two years. Last, but not least, is my son Hayden. He is ...

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...e in every day. Having an open house would also enhance the communication skills between me, as the teacher, and her family. With Becky being a stay at home mom, she is also involved at home a lot. As a teacher I could also send home folders of students work weekly or monthly for parents to review or I could make regular homework assignments that require family involvement. This would provide Becky with more ways to get involved while her children are at home doing homework or studying. Another thing I could do is have a family suggestion box in my classroom. This would help make Becky and her family, feel as though they are a part of the education process and are helping to enhance their experience while in my classroom. Lastly, I could set up monthly family meetings. This would help to convey that I am supportive of her family and want them to succeed in every way.

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