Essay about Team Management and Hard Work

Essay about Team Management and Hard Work

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Lim Goh Tong was a prominent rich Malaysian Chinese businessman and the founder of Genting Highlands. He transforms Genting Highlands from an unfamiliar hilltop to the most successful tourism place. This project has proven itself as the richest person in Malaysia and one of the richest people in the world with a net worth of US$ 4.2 billion. He born on 1918, in Anxi Country, Fujian, China and died on 23 October 2007 at Subang jaya Medical Centre. Lim chairmanship position in Genting Group organization was took over by his son, Tan Sri Lim Kok Thayon on 31 December 2003. In his book ‘My story’ he wrote about his life experience and development of Genting Highland.
At the age 19 he went out from China and came to Malaysia to work. First, he worked as a carpenter for his uncle. Then, he become a sub-contractor and successfully builds a two–story school. During Japanese dominated Malaya, he was work as vegetable farmer. Then, he worked at scrap metal and hardware trading. Next, he engaged in second-hand machinery trading to increase is wealth. After that he joins iron mining company and form a joint-venture company. He gains a lot of profit from heavy machinery and invests it into construction and related industries. As a price for his hard work he won accolades for Kien Huat Sdn Bhd Construction Company. Then, he successfully builds the Ayer Itam Dam and Kemubu Irrigation Schema. Finally, he contribute is energy in developing Genting Resort.
Lim Goh Tong came out with his idea to build hilltop resort when he was having a dinner in the Cameron Highlands. That time his age was almost 50’s. He thinks that a peaceful cool breeze of Cameron Highlands will encourage people to visit for recreation and relaxation. At the same time he also th...

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...for the Decade by Asiamoney. Genting Highlands become a successful Casino resorts which attract the tourist all over the world and contribute to increase Malaysia economy. So, we can take the formation of Genting Highland project and Lim’s team management in Genting Group organization as a guide line in our life to build the team work within our group members to gain success in our projects and group assignment. We also can follow Lim’s team management when we work with a new organization in future. Lim’s successful team management in Genting Group organization which benefit all people show that he apply human resources approach in his organization.

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