Teaching Decisions For The Instruction Essay

Teaching Decisions For The Instruction Essay

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Provide information about the context in which you teach so that another educator can understand your teaching decisions for the instruction in the learning segment. Address the following:
 Type of setting (e.g., first-grade classroom in an elementary school, resource room, a home, a job site)
[The type of setting for learning is a resource room in a high school. The Mathematic class is a small group consisting of the focus learner and two other students served within the resource room during the third block. The room is utilized for instruction on a daily basis by at least two other Special Education teachers. I serve two other students within the Geometry class.]
 Your role in the focus learner’s instructional program (e.g., teach all academic subjects plus support a behavioral plan; pull out of general education classroom for supplementary instruction in reading; part of an instructional team; coordinate services to the family and model working with the focus learner)
[As a Special Education teacher and graduate student, I teach Mathematics explicitly in small groups and one-on-one. This semester, I am teaching the focus learner Mathematics in the resource room during third block, usually 90 minutes. The focus learner is being instructed in the resource room with two other students in small group and one-to-one. Each of them, the focus learner and the other two students, has an IEP. One of the other students was absent the week of the teaching segment. The focus learner, along with the other two students, are 10th graders. As a 10th grader, the focus learner is several years behind the academic level of peers his age that are served in the general classroom environment at the high school. According to the head of the Special...

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...socially mainly because of his friendly disposition. He works hard and is quite often determined to achieve academic tasks before him. The focus learner is in the least restrictive environment because of his low cognitive functioning and the necessity for small group and one-on-one instruction. ]
6. List any type of augmentative or alternative communication used by the learner (e.g., communication boards, signing, AlphaSmart keyboard, optical-character-recognition devices, speech generation technology).
[Although several of our students in our MID/MOID classes use assistive technology to help with augmentative or alternative communication, the focus learner does not need any type of Assistive Technology to help with communication]
7. Describe any behavior management plans relevant for the focus learner.
[The focus learner does not have a Behavior Intervention Plan.]

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