Taking a Closer Look at The Emirates Group Essay

Taking a Closer Look at The Emirates Group Essay

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The Emirates Group major ancillaries are Emirates and DNATA. DNATA was formed in 1959 by the then Dubai government. It consisted of two employees whose primary responsibility was to provide ground services to airlines at the new Dubai International Airport (DNATA, 2014). The airport was officially opened in 1960 and incorporated the open-skies policy (The Emirates Group, 2014). The open-skies policy was an agreement that allowed airlines to eliminate government interference in commercial airline decision routes, capacity and pricing (Department of State, 2001). DNATA in the 1970’s expanded their airline ticketing offices and created the new specialized cargo division. The new cargo division helped the company’s cargo revenue to increase in the late 1970’s (DNATA, 2014). DNATA has continued to enjoy the success of their year to year revenue increases. The company has acquired other flight handling services and is currently among the largest travel management services in over five continents. The company is known around the world and are currently going above and beyond in 38 countries (DNATA, 2014) to meet their customer expectations.
Emirates airlines was formed in 1985 with an ambitious $10 million revenue generation in only five months (The Emirates Group, 2014). At the formation of the airline, the company did not own any aircrafts. An agreement was made with Pakistan International Airlines to lease their Boeing 737 and an Airbus 300 B4 (Hasan, 2013). The First flight departed Dubai International Airport on October 25, 1985 en route to Karachi, Pakistan. New destination agreements were signed in 1986. The airline started flight services to places like Egypt, Bangladesh, and Jordan. That same year, the airline reported losses...

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