Acquiring Target Corporation

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The current economic recession has taken a toll on corporations. Those who survive stay within their financial means, are innovative in retaining and attracting customers, and use technology to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Target Corporation is a company that possesses all of these characteristics. While some companies have cut payroll or ceased to exist, Target Corporation has survived in the economic recession and is positioned to gain further market share as economic conditions continue to improve.

The purpose of this report is to analyze Target Corporation’s financial statements, determine the future growth potential of the company, and make a recommendation for or against the acquisition of the company.


Although many competing companies are projecting insignificant profit growth over the next few years, Target

Corporation is projecting profit growth in the near future. Target expects 2012 annual sales to increase by four to five percent (Target Corporation, 2011). When combined with their continued emphasis on technology, customer rewards, and customer relations, the future of Target Corporation looks bright.

Making Use of Technology

Target Corporation recognizes the importance of technology in reaching its customers. In 2011 the company launched a completely redesigned website that focuses on ease of use. Target also has an industry leading mobile application that allows the company to reach its customers regardless of where they are located. In fact, Mobile Commerce Daily named Target the “2010 Mobile Retailer of the Year” (Target Corporation, 2011). It is in this sector that Target’s potential for growth is the highe...

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