Essay about Synopsis of The Grateful Dead

Essay about Synopsis of The Grateful Dead

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Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead was a famous rock and roll band. During the 1960’s, the band had an audience called the “deadheads”. Deadheads were a bunch of druggies. Jerry Garcia was a big part in this band before his fatal health issues came along. The Grateful Dead was a band that impacted society by breaking rules to build their career.
The Grateful Dead was a famous rock and roll band throughout the 1960’s. They had a lot of ups and downs during their time as a band together. Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, Phil Lesh, and Bill Kreutzmann were all in the band together. The Grateful Dead played a variety of music but mainly they were a rock and roll band; blues, reggae, country, folk, and space rock.
The Grateful Dead did their first show at Magoo's pizza on May 5th, 1965. During this time they were known as the Warlocks. They realized after a while that there was another band named Warlocks. After they changed their name from the Warlocks to the Grateful dead, they played in San Jose, California. The place was called Ken Kesey's Acid Tests. The first show ever recorded was by a fan at Fillmore Auditorium on January 8, 1966.
The name Grateful Dead means “ the soul of a dead person, or his angel, showing gratitude to someone who, as an act of charity, arranged their burial.” All of the band members agreed on it after Jerry Garcia brought it up to everyone after reading a dictionary. The term “Grateful Dead” shows up in folktales in a variety of cultures.
Owsley Stanley became the bands financial backer. Owsley bought them a house and sound equipment to practice with. Owsley was known as the “acid King” because he did a lot of drugs. The whole band of the Grateful Dead did drugs. They played a lot in the p...

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... around famous band. They were an icon to the U.S by trying to send a message in their music that says drugs aren't bad, to the people. Jerry Garcia was a main part in this band and they wouldn't have been this successful without him. The Grateful Dead made rock and roll history from all of these points.

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