Jimi Hendrix's Contribution To The Evolution Of Rock And Roll

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Many people from the 1900’s contributed to the evolution of the history of rock and roll. However, Jimi Hendrix was the rock legend who changed the way music was made and he raised the bar for the rest of the music industry. Jimi was born in 1942, in Seattle, Washington, he had a difficult childhood, being raised by a young mom who had Jimi at seventeen and a dad who eventually left and started another family, he was often left living with relatives. He only saw his mom a few times before she eventually died in 1958. In many ways music became a sanctuary for Jimi since he grew up not having much. Jimi loved blues and rock and roll and when he was sixteen Jimi got his first acoustic guitar and taught himself how to play. Shortly after he began…show more content…
Jimi is today acknowledged as a musical intellectual. He is highly recognized for his precision and speed while playing his music. He did not care what kind of feedback he got whether it was negative or positive, all Jimi wanted to do was play his music the way he wanted. He created his music as one of the melodic elements and people went crazy for him and his ability to play, sing and dance all at the same time. As a rock singer and guitarist, Jim Hendrix won several awards for being a major contribution to rock music during his time. It is widely agreed that he was among one of the most influential musicians in the history of rock music. As the star of the rock music during his time, Jimi did not just play music but improved the image of rock music as well. While it is the dream of every artist to make a contribution throughout his or her work and performances, not all of them were successfully able to make their dreams to come true. Through Jimi’s singing and performances, he is today acknowledged for the impact that he had on the rock music we now have today. Some of his major contributions to rock music are that he improved the styles that were used to play a guitar by flipping the music upside down as well as…show more content…
He aimed to be like the musicians he admired but he focused on creating his own form of music. Something that he could be proud of, expressing himself like the true rebel he was. Jimi Hendrix was also a form of expression for those who did not know how to express themselves. People could connect with his music, they were also very impressionable due to his music.The song where Jimi wrote, “Purple Haze” it was a form of Jimi Hendrix’s expression through music and many people at the time could find some meaning in these lyrics and connect to the song on an emotional level. This connection was what made Jimi Hendrix so popular and influential to the American people. He made people understand the importance of being at peace with your self and being content in life. He supported finding happiness through drugs and through life and he severely influenced the public and many people followed in his steps and this began the hippie movement. Not only did he have an impact on society but also he had an impact in the individual American’s life giving a sense of hope and freedom to the world. On September 18, 1970, Jimi died in London from drug related complications and while he was only 27 years old at the time of his passing, he left his legendary mark on the world of rock music and remains popular to this
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