How Lynyrd Skynyrd affected pop culture

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There are a lot of groups and people out there who have greatly influenced pop culture. They range from the Beatles to Miley Cyrus. Coming from all parts of the world too. From England to the American South. Out of these groups comes one almost everybody has heard of, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Lynyrd Skynyrd is a great contributing factor in modern day pop culture because they showed the new era of the South but also that they would not stray away from the “Old South” heritage.

If Lynyrd Skynyrd was a vehicle, they’d be one of those “big-ass”, powerful, fancy pickup trucks (Manning). Skynyrd worked the matrix between laid back southern rock and heavy metal. Skynyrd as popular and expressive as they are, this quote is most definitely true. Popular they are indeed, as they have sold 25 million records in their career (Beam and Skynyrd Tour). That achievement alone is jaw dropping and states that they are legends. I mean think about it, 25 million records! When Skynyrd puts out an album, it can take only one tour date to introduce that album (Olson).

Lynyrd Skynyrd grew out of the heat of their hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Which was a source point of Southern rock.Deep in the heart of the South and full of blue-collar Americans. That blue collar-ness was what Skynyrd was famous for. Bar fights and being bull-headed set them apart from other musicians. Skynyrd took their blue collar lifestyle to the stage as they wore cowboy hats and denim jeans (Swenson). As one of the most charismatic figures in rock history, Ronnie Van Zant led Lynyrd Skynyrd to fame with his strong southern spirit and exciting voice. Funny though, Van Zant did not wear shoes on stage (Swenson). Naming the band after their gym coach in high school as a joke whe...

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...w. Skynyrd ran the line between anger and change. Between raising hell and being yourself to redemption.

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