The Grateful Dead

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The Grateful Dead The Grateful Dead was a band that toured continuously for 30 years until the death of lead man Jerry Garcia. They were known for free flowing jams and bluegrass roots. Phish is a band that has toured consistently for the last 17 years and has in time made themselves into stealth multi-millionaires. Both are very talented bands, who have and in the Dead's case, had, created big names for themselves. Many people make wrongful association with these two groups of musicians. It is said that Phish is trying to be the Dead of this generation. This statement is very untrue. Phish is not a Grateful Dead take-off. Phish and the Dead have much more differences than similarities. There are of course a few similarities between these two bands. If there were none, nobody would compare them so much. Phish and the Grateful Dead are both considered "jam" bands. This comes from their live shows, in which they take their songs and stretch them into long improvisational jams. For example, the Dead may play "Truckin'", a song that is only seven minutes long on the album, and st...

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