Essay about Swot Analysis : My Healthcare

Essay about Swot Analysis : My Healthcare

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What is a SWOT analysis? This concept involves assisting businesses to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is often used to analyze an organization and its environment. Businesses find the analysis useful in assisting them to improve their business, establish goals and objectives.
My healthcare facility has a number of things that it does correctly and efficiently, but like all things; there are kinks that need to be addressed. The SWOT analysis will assist to get the ball back on track:

Once the SWOT analysis is complete, my healthcare team of managers will have to address the findings and create an action plan. A strategic plan will be put together to conduct an assessment that will analyze productivity, efficiency, quality standards and operational effectiveness. The strategic plan will assess all aspects of my healthcare business. The plan will be used to assist my healthcare facility with reducing cost associated with production mistakes, structure, policies and ratios as well as increase employee satisfaction and loyalty. The plan will also assist in the development of education, experience and overall competence of the employees in my healthcare facility. This will assist my healthcare facility with creating a better workforce to keep the business successful.
In business, it is important to measure outcomes, identify problems and eliminate gaps in performance. There has to be a plan in place for providers to use performance improvement in their treatment activities.
Performance improvement and outcomes are required elements in the healthcare industry. The monitoring provides a mechanism for productivity and care. It increases reven...

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...ave a costly recovery.
2. Encourage patients to let the healthcare facilities know how they feel.
3. Train and give the staff power to fix problems.
4. Train the staff to listen to the patient with empathy. They are very important to the business.
5. Find a solution to all problems and be fair. Patients want to be involved.
6. Make sure the patient has a pleasant healthcare experience, so, that he or she can spread the word to others.
7. Know that dissatisfied patients cost the healthcare industry money. Always remember they are our customers.
8. Always address the root cause of all failures. Make sure that a fix is in place.


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