Patient Experience Model

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Patient care is the core of any hospital, without patients and hospital would be unable to operate. In this discussion board, I am going to describe patient experience model in my organization; including standards, measures, staff training, reward and recognition programs. Next I will discuss how well the customer service model works and provide 2 examples illustrating the effectiveness of the model. Following this I will describe the customer service model on my department, the role that nurses play, and how the nursing manager is involved. Finally, I will discuss how customer satisfaction is measured on your unit, and how it is maintained. Lastly I will describe why customer satisfaction is now tied to reimbursement.
Patients want to be respected, talked with, and can visualize that the care is being coordinated anyway that the best possible outcome is provided. In my organization we are currently using industry best practices to create a culture of high value care; safe care plus high quality care plus patient satisfaction equals high value care. The Inpatient Standards of Practice include positive language, hourly rounding, nurse leader rounding and
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We strive to provide high value care. Nurses play an enormous role in providing this care. We must provide safe and quality care while communicating with our patients. We do this through hourly rounding on patients to ensure all needs are met. Showing compassion to her patients can help improve both mental and physical health (Bramley, & Matiti, 2014). Spending this time allows us to get to know our patients and create a deeper connection with them. Nursing managers also make daily rounds to check on patients and ensure they are receiving the best possible care. Their complaints and suggestions are taken into consideration allowing them to be included in their care. Managers tracked these complaints to allow for staff
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