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Making new friends, walking through the halls of a new school, and trying to become popular are a few concerns students stress over, prior to their first day of classes. I, Eitan Boutehsaz fell under this category as I made my switch from a private school, Yeshiva Ohr Chaim, to a public school, Great Neck North Middle School. It was the day after Labor Day, September 5, 2005, and I finally arrived at the institution where I would spend the next year attending. I was anxious, nervous, and in doubt of what this new chapter of my life at Great Neck North would have in store for me. At 7:35 A.M., I walked onto the stairs of the bus, but quickly realized I left my most prized possession at home, my basketball. I ran back into my house and took my basketball from its case on my chest. I ran back down the stairs and stormed out of my house, trying to get back my breath while sweating profusely, and got back on the bus. The bus was filled with excited-young peers’ ready to attend the first day of classes at a familiar school with friends; however, I had no reason to be happy. I was without my long time friends who I spent ten wonderful years with at Yeshiva Ohr Chaim. Nevertheless, I used my basketball as a means to get me through my first day of school because it was and will always be my “insurance policy.” Overall, my expectations for what Great Neck North would offer for me were not even close to what proceeded in the future. The year was filled with joyous occasions, academic success, the acquirement of best friends, flirtatious encounters with the opposite sex, and most importantly leading the Great Neck North basketball team to its first playoff appearance. In essence, as I reminiscence over my first year of public school, a framed...

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...grade basketball team which reminds me of fascinating and stimulating memories I had with my team. The basketball team helped me adapt better to Great Neck North and it even landed me my dream girl because I was noticed by being on the team and having the game winning shot against Manhasset. When I go to visit Great Neck North, I always go straight to the gym to see our banner that says, “Division champions- 2005.” Even though the banner is not in my possession, it still reminds me of our historic achievement. It allows me to relive the success our basketball team achieved that year and laid a foundation for me to follow in high School. Likewise, Aciman comprehends that he does not want to leave Manhattan and live in Rome or Italy, because Straus Park allows him to remember Alexandria and better adjust to his new life, hence enforcing that New York was his home.

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