Moving to a New School

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Have you ever felt uncomfortable, scared, nervous, and confused? Well new students feel this way whenever they move to a new school. They have no idea if they'll make friends or if anyone would like them. But with the ambassador program new students will right away feel comfortable in their new surroundings, able to learn a new language and know their way around our school faster than someone who's been there for three years. If we had this program, they just might make a friend right away. Feeling comfortable and feeling safe in your new surroundings is something everyone especially when you're new in a school. Most of the new student feels uncomfortable and apprehensive on their first day in a new school. They could be uncomfortable for different reasons. For example, things could be happening at home, or you're scared that you'll get bullied or not make any friends. Those reasons can affect your grades. They could be nervous because they just moved, or they could have stuff going on at home. The new students can also feel unsafe in their new surroundings. The new students don't...