The Teacher Who Changed My Life

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Summer break was over, and it was the time to go back to school to my eleventh grade. School for me wasn’t that different as my summer break. I never felt like not going to school after a long summer break because I used to have a lot of fun in school. School for me was a place where you would socialize, gossip, brag, drive attention, miss conduct, daydream, text students, sing, ask silly questions and flirt with girls. I think now you know how my days at school used to be. However, a day has come that I would not expect it to come at all. I suddenly became a much disciplined student that I would not do anything out of the way. It all happened when I meet my new physics professor Jamal Betar who has wonderful qualities that amaze him from other teachers, and he also gave me the true meaning of education that I have never thought of before in my life. There is no way that you could find a teacher in the world that would have such a unique personality as the one that Betar has. Betar is a very nice person that he has been caught several times out of school giving money for the poor. He is also a cool easy-going happy person. He takes life really easy that he would always smile. His lectures are not boring at all because of his great sense of humor. Betar has a lot of energy in class that he would strictly devote it for explanation and taking questions. He tries his best to use real life physics to keep us focused and entertained in class. Professor Betar has high expectations from all his students in class that gave us a push to do better in high school. Betar believes that if he has high expectations from us we would tend to do better. Unlike if a teacher has low expectations of his student; student would lose their self-confi... ... middle of paper ... ...test power, so I could become one of those very successful people at the top. Betar did not only teach me physics, but he also taught me disciple for working hard, and he also made me motivated for getting a better education. Therefore, I found out that to fulfill my goal, I chose to leave Lebanon and move to the United States so I could get the best educational program in college. Nowadays I challenge myself too much because I believe the more I stress myself in school the more I could handle stress in the future. I am actually still using what Betar has taught me in my daily life spatially last semester because I took twenty units and besides them seventeen hours of work. Also guess what I got straight A’s in all my classes till now. I am really happy because Betar made me understand the true meaning of education that I almost missed the help of professor Betar.

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