Essay About My Experience In High School

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High school is a crucial part in many people’s life. It is a time for people to grow, develop, and transition into adulthood. I am a firm believer in the idea that situations are what a person makes of them and I believe that I have created a great experience in my three years of high school. My experiences throughout sports have shaped me to become the person I am today. Throughout high school I have learned a lot about, not only myself, but also about my friends and family. I have experienced many things that I only thought happened in high school drama movies. The best years of our lives are quickly coming to an end. I’m not good with metaphors and all that figurative language stuff but I am semi-good at one thing, that is running long distance. High school is like competing in a cross-country race, shy and timid at first, but by the end people will see my true colors as I am crossing the finish line. The warmup. About an hour before the race begins I would usually start my warm up. My “warm up” of high school was freshman year. My warm up typically includes a jog, some stretching, and a lot of awkward conversations between my opponents and I. Freshman year was a lot like this. I was shy, timid, and most of all, nervous just like before every cross-country race. Looking back on…show more content…
During my warm up, freshman year, I was lost in the crowd of everyone and was afraid to be myself. The first mile, my sophomore year, I worked out some of my nerves and started to become myself. Junior year, the second mile of my high school race, I worked on myself and really decided on the person I wanted to be. The last year of high school, my third mile, has been one of the best years to date and leaves me hopeful for the future. The “race” that is high school has been one of the most unforgettable races I have ever been apart of and is just a small portion of the race of my
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