Essay on Susan Bordo 's `` Hunger As Ideology ``

Essay on Susan Bordo 's `` Hunger As Ideology ``

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A person can be identified by many different characteristics such as, age, ethnicity, sex and gender. Although many people see sex and gender as meaning the same thing, they are very different. Sex is the anatomy of an individual 's reproductive system which refers to the biological and physiological characteristics of a male or female, while gender refers to masculine or feminine and the behaviors, roles, expectations and activities in society. The majority of people conform to gender roles very early on, but sometimes the line blurs between femininity and masculinity. Susan Bordo is an author who points out the cultural stereotypes about gender in her piece “Hunger as Ideology”. In this piece she analyzes advertisements from the Victorian era into contemporary culture and how they manipulate and show different stereotypes in American culture. As I analyze a contemporary ad it is evident that Bordo’s theories are still valid today.
In Bordo’s essay “Hunger As Ideology”, she has her students bring in different examples (advertisements) that are shown to violate traditional gender-dualities and the ideological messages carried in them. By doing this task with her students she she hopes to boost her points about the negative portrayal and subliminal messages about gender identification and see if any progress has been made.

In an Ebony magazine advertisement it shows an African-American woman teaching a young African American teenager who is in foster care or adopted how to cook in the kitchen. With the apples and dough on the countertop I 'm assuming they’re baking an apple pie. As the woman takes the pie out of the oven they realize it 's burnt and she cools it down. Both the woman and teenager show a disappointed expression. L...

... middle of paper ...

... about gender. The illustrator also emphasizes this keyword, but to a certain extent. Being an African American woman she has reached some sort of success in her life which makes her have some type of control. Since women are known to have a lack of control in their lives it 's a huge goal for them to maintain.
The level of change from the time of publication of Bordo’s essay which was in the 90s to today has not changed much at all. You can witness the tyranny that women have to cope with anywhere; the news, articles, ads, etc. The media also feeds into this oppression. Women are still expected to be responsible for taking care of children, do maintenance, etc, while men are still looked at as the “dominant” sex and the spouse with more power and charge when it comes to expectations. Those things can be making money, being physically strong, being in charge, etc.

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