Gender Inequality In Roxane Gay's Hunger (My) Body?

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Systems of power and inequality has become more widely present in society today. Gender inequality is a mechanism of the discriminatory and violent system which impacts towards health as it damages a numerous number of women across the globe. This is what I will be proving in my paper. In Roxane Gay’s novel, “Hunger: A Memoir of (my) body” is based off herself as she talks about her appearances, body image, race and gender.
To begin, a mechanism of discriminatory and violent systems is appearance. Appearance is the way that someone or something looks, meaning not everyone looks or acts the same by performance. In Roxane Gay’s novel, she points out that she wants acceptance for her body shape, and yet wanting to change it. Although she tried
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Among African American women, trusting in the health care and medical research has become to a lower level. Studies show that obesity rates in black raced women which are enhanced by risk factors, shows that approximately 40% moderately and severely overweight women considered their figures to be attractive or very attractive, which indicates a relatively positive body image (S, Kumanyika, 1987). Adding to this as Gay is a black raced woman who is obese, still feels proud of her own body image, no matter how big she may-be she is still proud of her body and appearance. Gay quotes, “When you’re overweight, your body becomes a matter of public record in many respects. Your body is constantly and prominently on display. People project assumed narratives onto your body and are not at all interested in the truth of your body, whatever that truth might be” (Gay, p.120). This shows that no matter what her body looks like people will always be judging you depending on your body image in…show more content…
In some groups and nations, they have more opportunity and resources, while others struggle. Race and sexual orientation matter since they remain details for systems of power and inequality, that in spite diversity and be more significant of people’s lives. For example, sexual assault has become more important in society as individuals are still being physically abused and are being reported for sexual assault. Sexual assault includes attacks such as rape or attempted rape and unwanted sexual contact or threat. Studies show that 68% of the physically abused women reported sexual assault (McFarlane 2005). In my opinion, I believe no individual should get sexually abused because this is both physically and emotionally harmful to oneself. In this case Roxane Gay was also sexually abused, “We don’t necessarily know how to hear stories about any kind of violence, because it is hard to accept that violence is as simple as it is complicated” . This quote show that Gay was abused when in her childhood due to her obesity and weight gain. Although individuals may be overweight I believe they should not be physically or emotionally abused because it can lead to a numerous number of health issues in the
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