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In this essay I’ll be exploring various concepts of women and will deeply criticise the way women are seen and portrayed through advertising. My primary resource I’ll be referring to throughout this essay is a book called ‘Ways of seeing’ by John Berger, which highlights the role women during the early renaissance and onwards. In addition to this I will explore the various beliefs of women from a wide range of secondary resources, and will include references from books, websites, and various images to help clarify my statements. “From the dawn of human society, every woman was in a state of bondage to some man, because she was of value to him and she had less muscular strength than he did.” (Stuart Mill, John. The Subjection of Women, New York: D. Appleton Co, 1869) Over the past decade, our modern society has protected the rights of women through the law; however the subjection of women can be seen through our modern era and throughout history. This issue has brought out the worst and best of both sexes and because of this Woman have become misguided by the ideals of man. Due to this the mistreatment of women has not changed greatly over the past century. But does the Modern Woman have the same equivalent rights compared to her male counterpart? Can a Modern Woman work more hours both at her job and her home and receive the same reward if a man had switched places with her? Men and Women play an important role in our society and it is because of this that each gender has specific responsibilities. But before analyzing these responsibilities we must first define what a man and woman is. What is a Man? Is a man the dominant sex? Or is a man a power hungry bully? The definition of Man in terms of philosophy is human nature, a... ... middle of paper ... ...ly when it comes to lust, which includes sexual pleasures, prostitution and sex trafficking. Knowing this you would think women would portray themselves more seriously, but the exact opposite is happening. These continuous loops of failure have severely weakened women’s physical presence, and because of this, are continuously singled out in world discussions on topics such as war or threats to national security, and are constantly burdened with tasks regarding health and family life. In my research I read many books from the nineteenth-century onwards, such as, Stuart Mill’s book ‘The Subjection of Women’ (1869) to Butler’s ‘Gender Troubles’ (1990), both of these and many more books has helped in my quest to conjure up a personal concept of women, but out of all of them I found Berger’s ‘Ways of seeing’ the most fruitful in terms of a literal explanation of women.
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