Essay Supervisors Are Found At Places Like An Organization

Essay Supervisors Are Found At Places Like An Organization

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Supervisors are found in places like an organization. An Organization is a systemic assemblage of people brought together to achieve some definite purpose.
The duties of a supervisor include planning As regards to supervision, first of all I would like my employees to know who a supervisor is, which is that supervisor is Person in the first-line management who monitors and regulates employees in their performance of delegated tasks. Supervisors are in most cases authorized to recommend and/or effect hiring, promoting, disciplining, rewarding, punishing, and other connected activities regarding the employees in their various assigned departments.
The Supervisor as Planner should be familiar with how to set good objectives like:
 To keep higher level managers informed about the needs, abilities and progress of your department.
 Decide how to allocate resources to the jobs that will need to be done.
 Develop a plan for spending money (budget).
 Setting a precise timetable for the work to be completed (scheduling).
 Involving employees making sure they understand the objectives and consider them achievable. Planning with a Team requires coaching skills to get a team to carry out the planning process.
 Updating objectives may be required after monitoring the performance.
The Supervisor as goal setter should be familiar with the SMART Method for setting individual goals.
SMART Goals is a statement of the important results a supervisor is working to accomplish. It is designed in a way to foster clear and mutual understanding of what constitutes expected levels of performance and successful professional development, which include both Performance Goals and Development Goals created using the SMART Method

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...cies, the middle level management into departmental supervision and lower level management into supervision of foremen. The clarification of authority help in bringing efficiency in the running of a concern. This helps in achieving efficiency in the running of a concern. This helps in avoiding wastage of time, money, effort, in avoidance of duplication or overlapping of efforts and this helps in bringing smoothness in a concern’s working.
4. Co-ordination between authority and responsibility - Relationships are established among various groups to enable smooth interaction toward the achievment of the organizational goal. Each individual is made aware of his authority and he/she knows whom they have to take orders from and to whom they are accountable and to whom they have to report. A clear organizational structure is drawn and all the employees are made aware of it.

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