Essay Summary Of ' Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

Essay Summary Of ' Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

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“He killed me. Your uncle, Claudius, murdered me. Poison spilled in my ear. Avenge me, my son. But do not hurt your mother. Avenge me.” Hamlet sat up quickly, perspiring with sweat. His father’s shadowy figure came into his dream. He was shivering when the cold air hit his skin. No, it couldn’t be, Hamlet thought. The shining that came through his condo blinded him. It was already seven in the morning. Hamlet rushed out of bed, tripping over piles of clothes on the floor and rushed into the bathroom. After putting on his tie, he headed out into his sleek, black mustang. It was only a couple of weeks ago that his mother married his uncle, which now his uncle is the CEO of Denmark Exchange, Inc. No one knows about the secret marriage except his parents and him. The thought of it sickened him to the very core. When he got to the building, he saw his mother coming out of his uncle’s office. His mother saw the raw look on his face and started walking towards him. When she finally reached him, she said softly,“ Oh Hamlet, stop brooding and put a smile on your face.” He smiled and kissed his mother on the cheek. “Don’t worry mother.” With a hasty goodbye, he turned only to be greeted by Horatio and Marcellus. Horatio noticed how tense Hamlet was and asked, “ Are you alright Hamlet? Is something wrong?” Hamlet responded, “Of course not Horatio,” but he felt his heart beating faster. After the brief encounter, Hamlet walked to his office. He saw Ophelia, his assistant, setting up his folders. “Ophelia,” Hamlet said breathlessly. “I’ve missed you,” he said and planted a kiss upon Ophelia’s rose-colored lips. Her eyes fluttered at the kiss. “I have everything set up for you, Hamlet,” she said. “Thank you, Ophelia,” he said. As she turned ou...

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...rehead, leaving a trail of red blood running down the bridge of his nose. Hamlet felt the pang of the poison working and signaled Horatio, who was hiding beside the doors, to come close. “Tell Fortinbras to take everything. You are a good friend, please stay alive. I need you to tell what happened. Goodbye Horatio,” Hamlet murmured. A tear fell upon Hamlet’s cheek.
The next morning, Fortinbras glided through the halls of Denmark Exchange, Inc., with his pack of lawyers behind him. As he shoved the door open to his new office, there sat Horatio. “Hamlet was an honorable man, but tragedy came. Revenge is an evil thing. They all died. Take a seat Fortinbras. This may take a whole day to explain, and tell your lawyers to leave, they’re not needed.” Fortinbras was suspicious but decided to sit in the chair closest to him. Behind Horatio, sat a dark and mysterious crow.

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