Essay on The Suicide Of A Suicide

Essay on The Suicide Of A Suicide

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There are many reasons that people consider suicide. They may be looking to block unbearable emotional pain, which causes a wide variety of problems. A person attempting suicide is often depressed that they are incapable of understanding their options. Suicidal thoughts develop frequently when a person believes they cannot cope with overwhelming life situations. A variety of factors contribute to the rising of deathly suicide in American, including mental illness and interactions with significant others.
A contribution to the suicide rate is the actions people display towards a suicide victim. This issue is a highly significant risk factor in regards to a person may display towards suicide. Monique Seguin presents a study with family difficulties that lead to suicide. “A variety of family difficulties such as abuse, negligence, physical violence and incest have been reported to play an important role in the development of suicidal behavior in youth.” Although this focuses on the issues with adolescents, this can lead to suicide for those of all ages. There is no difference of age because it will have a long-term effect. The article also states:
The present study found that suicidal adolescents, compared to non-suicidal adolescents, show higher rates of early losses, long-term separation from one parent and family psychopathology. Furthermore, all suicidal adolescents have received treatment for a mental health problem at some point in time compared to the non-suicidal adolescents that have not received any treatment. Our results indicate significant differences between the suicidal groups and the non-suicidal group on measures of personal vulnerability and on different dimensions of the family system. As expected, ...

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...ent illnesses can affect those who become depressed.
As a consequence, suicide is one of the most common deaths in the United States due to issues with significant others and major health problems. Although families are faced with a deficient knowledge and understanding of the roles portrayed by various factors, action is still necessary. It is important to identify the reason suicide is the most common death in America. A diverse set of factors may contribute to a risk of suicide like aggression and impulsiveness. It becomes immensely difficult to predict who will attempt and eventually die from suicide. Screenings and background checks should be performed by a physician who will provide the necessary treatment their troubled patients may have. If many people tend to these issues, it will lead to a decrease in the rate of suicidal deaths in the United States.

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