Suicide And Self Harm Essay

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Have you or do you know anyone who self harms? Or perhaps you knew somebody who committed suicide. Although it is a terrible thing to talk about, put yourself in that persons position. What drove that person to harm them self, or end their life? Suicide and self harm is more serious than any other addiction. So what is suicide? Suicide is where someone takes their own life intentionally. Every year more than 30,000 people in America of all races, cultures, and ages take their life. Among young people, more than 5,000 people kill themselves a year. (Kuehn, 6). The most common methods for committing suicide are: firearms, hanging, and drug overdose. (“Understanding Suicide And Self Harm”). Often suicide acts are under the influence of drugs and/ or alcohol, therefore affecting ones thoughts and actions. Though many suicidal people do not show signs, there are some that do. If you think someone you know may be suicidal, watch for these signs: increasing drug or alcohol use, exhibiting rage or anger, talking about wanting to die or kill oneself, isolating or withdrawing oneself, behaving recklessly, and mood swings (“Understanding Suicide And Self Harm”). If you think someone is contemplating suicide you should trust your instincts. Talk to the person about your concerns and make sure to really listen to them. Ask them questions, but do not judge them. You should seek professional help and make sure they are never alone (“Suicide”). There are many factors that can contribute to suicide. However, we may never know the real reason someone committed suicide. Even the very few people that do leave suicide notes may not be telling the truth (Kuehn, 5). Mental illnesses are a big cause of suicide. Depression being the leading cause. ... ... middle of paper ... (“Dancing In The Darkness, Self Injury”). Anybody can self harm, no matter where you’re from, what you look like, or what you do. Anybody could be a self harmer. Depression is a condition that affects one in every 10 people sometime during their lifetime. Over 80% of those people do not receive treatment or medication. Many people with depression have factors like obesity, sleep disorders, and lack of education. Individuals that are unemployed, or divorced are more likely to have depression. Studies show that women are twice as likely to have depression as men of the same age (“Depression Statistics”). So as you can see suicide and self harm are two slightly different things. However both are very serious. One can lead to the other and both should be taken seriously. Suicide is more than just another death. Self harm is more than just any other addiction.

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