Cause And Effect Essay About Suicide

Suicide is one of the most common death around the world. Life is just taking away very easy by someone or yourself. We have study the causes of someone killing themselves, but our human behavior can easy change and eventually make that deciduous. The causes and effects of suicide are depression, the past meaning your life before, and feeling unloved or lonely. The effects are the people that loved you are going to be depress, never reach those goals that you set for yourself, and people that loved you will feel the guilt.
Depression is probably the most common reason why people take away their life. Feeling like they do not belong in this world anymore because of so much pain. Cheatle said, “Especially depression, are prevalent in people
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The people that loved you like your families and some friends that have stuck by you are going to be depress and probably will never recover from your death. It is not easy losing someone you loved to just a horrible death. Suicides is not an answers to your struggles ask for help. Yes, your pain is gone but you just put a pain into your families and friends.
What about the goals you set for your future, how is that going to be complete. You are losing the future that you wanted ever since you were little kid and dreaming to build a family having the future job you wanted. Having kids on your own and teaching them about the reality, but that is all gone because you made the deciduous to kill yourself leaving everything behind.
Lastly your families and friends that are always there for you are going to feel that guilt. Parents that have watched you grow ever since you were little. The guilt is going to start kicking those people that loved you so much. Every day they will ask themselves what I could have done to prevent this for happening. Tears will drop every day because they will miss you. Suicide is not the answer ask for help. “Yolo” life is a precious things just be happy that you are giving this

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