The Success Of The Road Wars Project Essay

The Success Of The Road Wars Project Essay

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The program that I felt would be fun and challenging is the Road Wars. I picked this one because this project requires the team to make a real two person human powered vehicle with a missile launcher. Not some make believe paper something that was a replica of whatever the project required. In addition, it requires creative thinking, manual labor, communication, and strategic planning which would enable the team to use the abilities of all the members.
If one compares Road Wars to the study conducted by Gallup, you can easily recognize the relationship between the study and the Road Wars project. The Gallup study determined that the most unified and triumphant teams consisted of members who had unique strengths in the four areas, which are executing, influencing, relationship building, and strategic thinking.
Those with a dominant strength in executing are good at getting things accomplished, as they will work as long as it takes to finish the project. In addition, "they have the capability of catching an idea and making it reality" (Rath, 2015). If one is good at influencing, they will help their team to sell their ideas, rather it is inside or outside of the organization, thus the person that will take charge and influence others to get involved with the project at hand. Once the influencer gets everyone on board, the team member who is the relationship builder will be the one who holds the team together. This member is an important part of the team as otherwise the group is composed of single individuals that have no real bond with one another. Lastly, the leaders with strategic thinking are the ones that keep the team focused on what they can accomplish and are the ones that are gathering and analyzing informa...

... middle of paper ... as paint ball. They would be better served participating in communication or trust exercises. In addition, exercise that the employee does not care for or finds childish will not be very effective, as they will resent having to perform some mindless actives that have very little value to them.
In closing, when a company is choosing team-building exercise, they must consider several things such as what is the overall team climate, what is the management 's involvement in the exercise as their involvement lends support to the exercises. One must also consider how long the exercise will take, such as will it be local or require an overnight stay and have a goal in mind for the exercise. Lastly, one event a year will achieve the success a company strives for over the long haul therefore it is detrimental that these exercises are planned on a regular basis.

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