Triple Constraint Essay

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Most of the projects are approved out of three constraints; they are cost, time and scope. These three are important factors commonly called as triple constraint or frequently represented as a triangle. The above figure represents how the project should be deliverable with certain ideas, such as • project should be delivered within cost • Project should be delivered on time • Projects must meet the agreed scope – no more, no less • Project must also meet customer quality requirements Any organization when they take up project, they will do the work and be successful within this triple constraint. The project manager must have the knowledge to balancing of these three elements, and…show more content…
I took up a project to build a Rewinder Machine and assemble in a certain place. While I am almost done on my project but my company came with new requirements in middle of the project to add some more options to run the machine with auto and manual. It told to them, if you want to add some options it takes a time and the cost will be extra to add for the elements into the product. My company says yes, but they said to me to deliver the product on time. It is little bit difficult to deliver the product on time, so I put some extra man power to do the work on day and nights to complete the project. This is one of my examples I took up the projects and complete with the process of triple constraint. I believe that all the projects are carried out under these triple constraints, such as time, cost, and scope. Time: As everyone says ‘time is money’, any product that can slips away too easily. Every project has a due date for delivery the product. When we reduce the project time, we need to increase its cost or reduce its scope. The project manger has to analyze the every scope of the project. The amount of time is required to complete the
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