Essay about The Success Of The Coaching Staff And Players

Essay about The Success Of The Coaching Staff And Players

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A potential conflict would amongst the coaching staff and players if this were to happen, but it would be a conflict in terms of the business of winning basketball games. The scouting, analysis of film, the studying of different player tendencies, the way the other teams defend ball screens, and even the plays that the other team runs would all be for nothing. It would be a waste of time and effort and could be taken as disrespect to the game of basketball and the opportunity that the coaches provided each player with. The captains of the team have limited power when game preparation and planning is happening. As captains, Corey and I decide what shirts and sweats we want to wear and that’s about it honestly. Those are the only things that we have a direct influence over, unless one of the coaches has any other order or message that want us to facilitate to the rest of the guys on the team.
The history of Armstrong State University Men’s Basketball team is one that has actually been known for winning some games and being a catalyst for the players to turn into men. There have been traditions that have been put into place to keep the history of Armstrong basketball alive and afloat. These traditions include; alumni games, pregame meal, Pirate Olympics, teammate cookout, and upper-class man lower classman bonding. Whenever the new guys arrive they are normally a little more reserved and quiet because they are trying to get a feel for a new environment, but eventually by the time the season is over with the team are more comfortable with each other. The team is supposed to symbolize family. There are differences and different negative and positive moments in an individual’s family. The game plan represents a study guide to a test in...

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...ore community service and engagement activities then normal. The basketball goals will be more based off of their skill set and will be defined to each one of these students after I bring them in for a workout or after I see them showcase their abilities. After getting them to sign I would monitor them weekly to see if the expectations I have for them are being met. Considering the guys that I am going after are ideal program guys, I expect for the results to favorable on my side. I anticipate that each one of these student-athletes will uphold the standards that I presented them with and explained to them in detail before they decided to come and be a part of my program. The overall effect should be positive with winning games, representing the program well in the community, and be having the players get their college degree when their playing eligibility is over.

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