The Success Behind Walt Disney World Essay

The Success Behind Walt Disney World Essay

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Before the production of Pocahontas, Walt Disney Productions did their research on Native American tribes making sure Disney accurately depicted their correct lifestyle. Disney even took various trips to Jamestown, Virginia to make sure he fully understood where the story setting would take place. To be certain that the facts were correct; Disney met and personally interviewed actual descendants of the Native culture. Though, Disney’s goal was to portray a story as unbiased as possible, people often considered the storyline to still be biased and accused Disney of stating facts incorrectly (Buffa, Andrea L). Disney always tried to correct the problems and mistakes that had arose from unpleased people but it almost seemed impossible for him to make all of society happy. For the sake of his audience of children, Disney continued to try his best to maintain an unbiased and judgment free image.
Disney was a perfectionist, and because of this he strived to create the best of the best raise the bar for all whose who attempted to follow in his shoes. By doing this, Disney left behind many remarks on society which would not soon fade. The construction of Disneyland in 1955 opened up new doors to the ideas of a “theme” park as opposed to the traditional amusement park. Disney planned for this theme park to include existing characters and be able to incorporate new characters and attractions as time progressed. This allowed for endless opportunities to arise. The liveliness of the park itself, the company, ability to advertise, and the general kid friendly atmosphere which would accompany the park would all benefit from Disney’s decision to allow the park to grow and expand. Disneyland was child friendly enough for families bearing small ...

... middle of paper ... would not be where it is today.

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