Walt Disney Company

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Walt Disney Company


This report attempts to examine the Walt Disney Company as an organization whose international operations play a vital role in the company’s continuing existence. This report seeks to present a review and analysis of the company’s global strategy by analyzing the key internal and external factors that impact on the company and how it has used alliances and acquisitions as part of its global strategy. As a human technology-intensive company, this paper seeks to understand how Disney was able to leverage its resources to create a competitive advantage. As an important aspect of its operations, relevant management issues are reviewed to see how it has affected the company’s global expansion strategy.

Walt Disney

The Walt Disney Company is a multi-billion dollar enterprise that controls and maintains vast interests in various multimedia companies in the United States and around the world. What started as a simple love for children’s entertainment of a sample cartoonist soon became a revolutionary icon in the world of entertainment and business.

Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois of mixed Irish, Canadian, German and American roots. Although born in the city, Walt grew in the farm counties of Marceline in Missouri with four older brothers and a young sister. As a young child, Walt Disney was already interested in drawing cartoons. He was able to nourish this gift when the family moved back to the city where he attended classes at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. (Schatz, 2001).

After a short stint in France during WWI, Walt soon came to work in advertising as a cartoonist while earning extra money selling animated cartoon advertisements. In 1923, Walt...

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