Students Who Is Leaving The College Essay

Students Who Is Leaving The College Essay

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Kelly, LaVergne, Boone Jr., & Boone (2012) research indicates that students who considered leaving the college described dissatisfaction with their social life and little or no connection with their respective institution (Kelly, LaVergne, Boone Jr., & Boone, 2012, p. 655). This statement is worth taking a look at because it goes right back to my hypothesis. For example, if a student is not receiving the proper support then the student really is not engaged with the campus. Thus, this may cause the student to reevaluate as to why he or she is attending the college which there may potential decline in motivation for college. Terenzini and Domingo (2007) verifies a similar statement, discovered the students’ perceptions of the support in their institution’s environment was directly related to an increase in social and personal competence (Kelly, LaVergne, Boone Jr., & Boone, 2012, p. 655).
The sophomore students from Bennett College for Women perform poorly due to :

a. Lack of motivation.
b. Their transition from high school students.
c. Other distractions in life (mainly about their social life).
d. Their learning styles.

The research was examined from the quantitative methodological approach. It provides a longitudinal description of which factors affects freshman at Bennett College, who are currently sophomores, academic success. In order to find out these factors, surveys and personal conversations were conducted to get factual information to support the thesis and analysis. This information was gathered for analyzing and calculation. Calculations provides solid evidence to p...

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...pondents were general in participation; constantly passed assignments; discovered time examining their lessons yet discovered their endeavors lacking.
There were all the more first years who fizzled in their school amid their first year.The discoveries additionally inferred that understudies don 't succeed in light of their absence of inspiration, the move from secondary school, diversions and their learning styles . The trouble raised due to the high passing score. Also, the discoveries propose that school disappointment possibly created by mental issues.

1. Instructors consider checking on the essential showing routines for a more sorted out lesson presentation.
2. Instructors consider utilizing fluctuated showing strategies like sorting out board work, utilizing more samples, drawings/representations, realistic coordinators, exhibits or

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