Student Learning Of Behaviour Within A School Environment Essay examples

Student Learning Of Behaviour Within A School Environment Essay examples

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Student learning of behaviour is often a difficult and complicated topic to approach due to its complex and diverse nature. A common approach to student learning of behaviour is the use of policy to create protocols for students, teachers, parents and principals to act upon if any issues arise. School policies can be underpinned by different models which can either foster or hinder student learning of behaviour within a school environment. School policies underpinned by the assertive discipline model (Canter, 1988) is evident in a significant amount of policies that have been examined, including schools such as Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School (Glenaeon, 2011), Chatswood High School (Chatswood High School) and Mount Annan Public School (Mount Annan Public School, 2011). This model emphasises on enforcing 'positive ' behaviour from students by active rewards and severely punishing bad behaviours through the level systems without any support and collaboration with students, parents and teachers to guide them towards responsible behaviour. (Curwin & Mendler, 1989, as cited in Edwards & Watts, 2008). Although these policies do provide an immediate and structured remedy to the behavioural issues arose, they do not provide and preventative measures to the behavioural issues and therefore they are reactive rather than pro-active in aiding student learning of behaviour. In addition, the policies do not promote any student involvement in their learning of behaviour (Hopkins, 2008), instead students are being forced to comply with the rules set by others which directly conflict with the goal to teach students responsibility in schools (Curwin & Mendler, 1988). Within these policies, there are no indications to promote students engaging to a...

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...o significant issues with creating a collaborative community between teachers, students, parents and academics as each of the groups have different perspective towards student 's learning of behaviour. There were arguments for the use of a prescriptive policy for extreme behaviours and a flexible policy for minor behaviours, however the conflict arose regarding the distinction between extreme and minor behaviours. There was also support for a non-prescriptive policy to incoporate the idea of diversity and recognising student 's individuals needs however from the teachers and parents perspective, a preventative guideline was needed to show that there are strategies in place should any issues arise. Hence it can be observed that creating a policy to promote a collaborative school community that promotes constructive student learning of behaviour is a challenging task.

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