Analysis Of What's The Matter With Kids By Amy Goldwasser

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In the 2008 article, “ What 's the Matter with Kids Today?”, the author, Amy Goldwasser, discusses that the internet is the omnibus usage of the modern world today. Teenagers are reading and writing on social media, using an informal style. She argues that the older generation is not happy with this technology as they did not grow up with it; they are fearful of and cannot trust this unfamiliar technology. There is a lack of sufficient factual that Goldwasser wants to convince her opinions to their audience. The Goldwasser argument that there is nothing wrong with the kids today, is strengthened through her usage of logos, ethos and pathos. Amy Goldwasser, a well-renowned author of young adult books. She volunteers her personal essay at the Lower Eastside Girls Club in the New York City. She has been writing and editing for the last fifteen years in a country’s leading publication. She argues against the survey, over the landline phone, which has conducted by the research organization named Common Core and released in February, 26. Which shows…show more content…
She is using too many short paragraphs in order not to lose the reader’s awareness. She did use logos to make her audience to convince, but also depends on the ethos, as she assumes her background is enough to support her integrity. Goldwasser makes a good point by saying, “ Once we stop regarding the internet as a villain, stop presenting it as the enemy of history and literature and worldly knowledge, then our teenagers have the potential to become the next great voice of America”. She is explaining, if people stop looking at this technology as the waste of time, mind-numbered entertaining and on the opposite, see what it really is, then this is a good source for using the internet and getting benefits than most parents would like to
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