Essay on Student Development And Learning Is Critical For The Future

Essay on Student Development And Learning Is Critical For The Future

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Student development and learning is critical for the future. The growing demands and
importance of the skills necessary for our students to effectively function as future leaders of our
society guides us to extend support from the community and parents. According to Shatkin and
Gershburg (2007) the purpose of school-community relations have important factors that can
benefit one another (Shatkin & Gershburg, 2007, p. 589). As a teacher leader, the role of the
community and parents for student development and learning will be utilized by encouraging
them to become active participants in the lives of the students. As a teacher leader, the support of
the community and parents will cause students to experience a well-balanced education.
Currently I seek the community support by allowing them to choose a critical area at the
school’s campus that needs improvement. Attendance of students and resources have been
critical areas in need of improvement throughout campuses and school districts. The community
can support these areas by extending their time and products. For example, as a teacher leader I
coordinate yearly meetings to invite community members to share ideas on how we can support
each other. I suggest to the community how they can support campuses by offering incentives to
students who have perfect attendance. Bludau (2006) expresses service learning allows students
to learn and build support for schools among the community and expose students in activities
that they may continue throughout their lives (Bludau, 2006, p. 24). One incentive for the
students with perfect attendance is volunteering at a local senior citizen center. The students will
create crafts for the seniors and read books to them. ...

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...e and gain
more respect. Parents can also share education and career opportunities amongst each other. In
the past, I’ve experienced many community members and parents ask how helping students will
benefit them. My role as a teacher leader is to go beyond the efforts of finding community
members and parents to help students. I must reassure them of ways the students and educators
can support them. Throughout the trainings and implementations of the parent read aloud
program and senior citizen engagement activities, I will coordinate appreciation events for those
community members and parents throughout the school year. District leaders and news
media companies will be invited to attend to hear about the wonderful collaborations of
educators, students, community members and parents. Hopefully, they too will join our team
to impact the lives of students.

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