Personal Philosophy Of Education And Learning

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Personal Philosophy of Education and Learning My philosophy on education and learning is simple; to teach my future students to the best of my ability to achieve academic success. As well as getting to know my students well. Getting to know a little of their background can help make a difference in our teaching career. As a teacher, we care for our student’s educational needs and to achieve a full potential in their learning ability. I believe that education is an individual, unique experience for every student who enters a classroom. Having a passion for teaching and providing students with a proper education should always be a teacher’s top priority. Predominant and Complimentary Philosophies Predominant goal is having a classroom management and creating a safe learning environment. Learning how to manage a classroom successfully is a difficult task for teachers. The everyday concern of beginner teachers is classroom management. Beginners teachers report the weak classroom management skills and disruptive students are the most significance barriers to being a good teacher (Fideler & Haskelhorn, 1999). Teachers have blamed their lesson plans, preparation in their first years of teaching (Ladd, 2000; Monroe, Blackwell, & Pepper 2010). As a teacher, it is my desire to have my students to have a safe learning environment. Guiding my students to the correct path, can make students change their minds about their education. Teachers should make their students feel free to express themselves and share their opinions. Giving up our break for our students to encourage the students to feel comfortable in the classroom and opening up their dialogue among others. I believe that students should speak their minds. Inclusion of Diversity a... ... middle of paper ... ...g group works can improve student’s problem solving, reading skills, writing skills, and speaking, and listening skills. I believe that it is important to share learning environment to our students and welcome them to and by having a safe environment with out student’s education. In conclusion, us teachers must find ways to reach the minds of every individual by allowing them to express themselves and understand every lesson taught. My goal as a teacher is to provide to in each and every student with the necessary skills and knowledge so they could succeed on their own. I want to leave a memory of myself as a teacher who was not afraid to roll up the sleeves to help another student in any way and influenced others to do the right thing. My colleagues recall me a teacher who regularly participates and who was active to contribute assistance to the school community.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that education is an individual, unique experience for every student who enters a classroom.
  • Opines that guiding students to the correct path can make them change their minds about their education.
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