Stress is Real in College Essay

Stress is Real in College Essay

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Over my college career I have quickly found my maximum limit to stress. It is obvious that everyone has a stress tolerance of some sort, but I have never been so overwhelmed before in my life! The transition from high school to college was something that I don’t think I could have ever prepared myself for. Being a student athlete has caused me the most stress because of time management, I am often finding gray hair on my head appearing from my most stressful times here.
It is quite obvious that every student will feel the pressures of stress throughout their college career. Some students may not be able to single it down to a certain thing, and some students may say that everything stresses them out. I believe that any student on any campus can say that a majority of their stress comes from academics, newly found independence, and from using wrong stress relievers that are unique to this decade.
I’m glad to say that I am not the only college student that is stressing over the higher academic level of college. The article Academic Major as a Perceived Stress Indicator: Extending stress Management Intervention has an impressively easy concept to understand. May and Casazza used an improved research design to determine the difference between “hard” and “soft” majors. Their first observation from their research was that “75% of college students report being moderately stressed and over 10% repot experiencing severe levels of stress (264).” They found that over three fourths of the people involved in the study reported stress, but I think that there are a lot more than that. Over my time at Findlay one of the questions I always ask my friends has always been “How are your classes treating you?” and almost all of my friends ...

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...inue doing to ensure my success in school to avoid getting extremely stressed. Everyone goes through stress in college and with this decade it is even worse, but understanding what causes one’s stress, and how to control that, it will make managing stress a key to success in college.

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