Strengths And Weaknesses Of An Organization Essay

Strengths And Weaknesses Of An Organization Essay

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On a daily basis, we come in contact with individuals that we have to communicate with, wither it be for work purposes, educational purposes, or social practices. As active humans we cannot escape the idea of socializing or communication, therefor; we make it a daily routine who we communicate with, how we communicate with them, what we listen to and how we listen it. With this routine habits are formed, some are strengths but others are weaknesses that diminish the communication quality. It is extremely important for individuals to recognize these strengths and weakness within their communication routine. By recognizing their strengths, they are able to improve even further and use their ability to get them closer to goals they may have set for themselves. Recognizing their weaknesses is just as important if not more important. Weaknesses limit the ability of an individual to reach their full potential so they need to pin point their weaknesses so they are able to grow as a communicator until eventually the weakness becomes a strength. As an Organizational Communication Major, it is even more important for me to recognize my communication strengths and weaknesses, as I go out in the world and become employed my career depends on my ability to communicate. I have no room to sweep my strengths and weaknesses under the rug, I have to recognize them and fix them, so I am as well equip as I can possibly be.
I would consider myself to be a relatively decent communicator, I love interacting with people and socializing, this is why I decided to become an organizational communication major in the first place. Throughout this COMM201 course I have learned though that there is much to communication that talking and being able to carry o...

... middle of paper ...

... closer to my goal as an effective communicator.
As said in the beginning communication is important for everyday life and we all need to recognize what we can do to improve our communication skills but we also need to be efficient on recognizing the communication skill we are good at so we can put them to use. I am glad that this course has taught me so much about communication and how important it is. Without this class I probably would have not been able to point out the weaknesses I have, therefore; I would not be able to work towards making myself better. Not only that but I would have known how to put my strengths to good use. Now that I know what I need to do to improve and to better myself as a communicator I plan to make those changes and become the best communicator I can be, not just for my benefit, but for the benefit of the people I communicate with.

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