Communication Challenges: The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication

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From the moment we are born, our days are filled with communication challenges. People who do now know how to communicate properly will limit their efforts to achieve in any aspect of life. We build connections with others by revealing our identities, asking questions, working out problems, listening, remembering and making plans for the future. The area of communication that immediately caught my attention is interpersonal communication. Interpersonal communication is communication between people, usually in a close relationship. When people are in a relationship they use communication to deal with normal and extraordinary problems to help them maintain their relationship. Healthy and effective communication is the heart to a strong personal relationship. A personal relationship is a voluntary commitment to irreplaceable individuals that are influenced by rules, relationship dialectics, and surrounding contexts. Every personal relationship is different and unique in its own way. Every relationship has ups and downs, but this is why most of our relationship’s are not personal they are social. A social relationship is one in which participants interact with general social roles rather than unique individual…show more content…
Every culture communications differently, just because we all speak English doesn’t mean everything means the same to us. When you are from a different part of the United States you may use different terms. For example my sister has lived in New York for the last four years and they don’t use the word pop, they call it soda, as for us we are used to calling it pop. This is just one of the example of how people communication differently based on the culture they are around, thus showing that intercultural communication is something everyone should look
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