Essay about Strategies For Combating Tco Operations

Essay about Strategies For Combating Tco Operations

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Strategies for Combating TCO Operations
Combating TCO operations begins at home by recognizing the U.S.’s insatiable need for narcotics which is a major source of TCO funding (White House, 2011, 15). As the U.S. fuels the fire for incoming drugs it is also proving a source of revenue for some terrorist organizations (White House, 2011, 15). The first action must be to reduce the U.S. drug demand that fuels the need for TCOs supply the drugs that eventually fuels terrorist activities. The President’s National Drug Control Strategy aims to prevent, provide early intervention, and treatment of drug abuse while funding and providing innovative legal avenues to drive down drug use (White House, 2011, 15). Additionally, the U.S. must focus on cracking down on arms trafficking from the U.S. to TCOs by increasing Customs and Border Protection, screening outbound rail/vehicles, increasing funding to Border Enforcement Security Task Forces along the U.S.-Mexican border, and build international law enforcement capabilities (White House, 2011, 15). Finally, U.S. businesses and citizens must take an active role in and notify law enforcement agencies of illegal activities to stem the rash of fraud schemes, intellectual property and identify theft funding criminal organizations (White House, 2011, 16).
As the age old tool of drug trafficking is still a primary means of funding several TCOs and terrorists, an emphasis on decreasing the ability to move the product must be put in place. In order to do so, the Community will need to identify leadership, technology, travel, finances and communications associated with their networks and work with international partners to close drug transit routes (White House, 2011, 23). As mentioned befor...

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...obalization has brought these two groups together in ways that they would have never been previously connected. Finally, TCOs have penetrated energy and other sectors of the economy, continue to conduct more complex cyber fraud schemes, use violence to expand their global power and corrupt public officials, and continue to devalue the free market by funneling their illicit funds through these financial institutions. As the market changes and evolves, TCOs will seek to exploit new technologies and capitalize on new opportunities through cyberspace. Therefore, immediate steps must be taken to impede their progress to include changes in legislature, reducing U.S. and worldwide demand for drugs, putting better mechanisms in place to protect the free market from illicit activity, and placing a bigger priority and emphasis on gathering and analyzing intelligence on TCOs.

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