The Steps in the Customer Satisfaction Model Essay

The Steps in the Customer Satisfaction Model Essay

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Section 2
Name and explain each step in the customer satisfaction model with the help of an example ie:

1. Perceived quality
Consumers seek good quality in the products that they consume. Clothing from Edgars are expected to be made of fabrics that are of high and affordable quality. The quality of the clothing should last for a long period of time ie: for more than one season. Edgars has built up a reputation that the clothing is that of a higher quality compared to most fashion retail stores, thus in return us as consumers expect that promise of quality to be fulfilled.

2. Customer expectation
Consumers expect certain assurances such as finance, quality, productivity, technology and infrastructure which a company should abide by to execute a consumers needs and wants . If a company provides the information that consumers seeks they then gain consumers trust and meet their expectations. This very important to execute consumers satisfaction. Consumers also expect the service of retailers to be up to the standard of the retail market in order to draw in the consumers. Edgars abide to certain standards and thus expect consumers to come back to the store believing that they have built up a good status in a sense that what the consumer expects is reached.

3. Perceived image
This is the ability to position a product into the consumers mind. Creating an image of what can be expected of the product and giving valid information about the product in order to create the” perfect” image in the consumers mind. Image should also fit in with the trend of the season and also to boost peoples self esteem when purchasing and using the product. Edgars wants to not only have a good reputation in quality and affordability but also in ho...

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...nly clothing.

7. Increase market shares
By satisfying consumers needs we are increasing the consumers' demands to purchase more from the retail store leading to more market shares being established. More companies want to invest shares in Edgars due to high profit and turnovers example Forever New that has shares in Edgars their clothes is sold in Edgars. Estee Luader Elizabeth Arden are all part of the Edgars group increasing their market sales as well as Edgars becoming more profitable.

8. Increase profitability
Satisfying consumers needs and wants plus the increase in demand equals to an increase of profitability. Edgars aim to create a store with a healthy environment where the workers are motivated to contribute their best to service, and also to abide to certain long term respectful supplier relationships. This guarantees overall success.
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