Analysis Of The Transportation And Logistics Industry

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The transportation & logistics industry is a form of industry that keeps people and products on the move, it includes airlines and airports, shipping companies, logistics service providers and other transportation companies. That’s why it is considered the backbone of modern global supply chains. In a place like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that has diverse geography with a dry desert and great temperature extremes and a large area of about 2.1 million square km, a transportation & logistics industry is a necessity. Imagine you need to move from one city to another (of course it will be so hard to cross large areas of empty deserts) you have only two options to transfer from one to another city; the first option is to drive and the second option is to fly and ship your car via a car transport carrier. The harsh climate in Saudi Arabia makes people to prefer using the second option, this cause the market of transport market to enlarge. Albassami International Group is one of the biggest companies established to satisfy those needs. It is considered one of the biggest companies specialized in vehicle transportation in the Middle East. The philosophy of the company is to serve the needs of the clients over the span of thirty two years, throughout which they constantly had an eye to the future by evaluating the most appropriate ways in which to make transporting clients’ vehicles via the best and safest answer. They operate round the clock to serve clients at all times. Analysis The mission of the company is to accomplish the customer needs using distinguished and best solutions and by this being eminence among other companies in the same industry. Albassami consider the customer needs the most as a very important factor to succeed... ... middle of paper ... ...e SMS will be sent) who can go to the branch to get his car. The shipping system records information about the sender such as the sender car, truck number, etc.. and it also records information about the client. Then these information are linked together. Reports about each product with information about client and sender are written (let us say weekly) and these reports are sent to the top management so that every process is monitored to follow any problem if found and try to enhance the procedure. Also this information can provide which branch is working the best and which is working the least so to enhance the quality of work. This is a strategy that the company is following in order to reach its objectives found in the mission. References 1. 2. 3.

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