Standard IIi : Family And Community Engagement Essay

Standard IIi : Family And Community Engagement Essay

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Standard III: Family and Community Engagement. The teacher promotes the learning and growth of all students through effective partnerships with families, caregivers, community members, and organizations.
I have attended IEP meetings where parents ,therapists and teachers plan goals and objectives for the IPE year to promote growth and learning of the student.I have attended Trauma workshops after school which provided me with insight into how trauma affects student learning and how to promote better learning for the students who deal with trauma.( April 5 Trauma Conference)
On a daily basis I or my staff communicate with some parents and caretakers pertaining to how the student did during the day and things that may help them at home. We also talk about what skills the students do at school that can be incorporated in the home. (cooking / cleaning tasks)

I participated in the September Holyoke Honor Roll where I talked about the Peer Skating Program and how it helps the growth of both regular education and special needs students.A former students of mine also talked about his experience in the skating program.

Indicator III-A. Engagement: Welcomes and encourages every family to become active participants in the classroom and school community.

For Open House my student made breads and treats for the parents to try. Parents were able to taste products their child made. There were 10 families that attended Open House.
I have coordinate and invited parents / families and guardians to attend the RISE, Functional and SHINE Fall Dinner. More than 150 student, families, staff and community members attended this year.This lunch provide a friendly atmosphere where families could meet therapists, adminstration and other parents . Th...

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...s parents can reinforce at home skills the students are learning in school. Parents are encourage to call me if they have any concerns pertaining to their child.
Communication for some students takes place regularly when I go food shopping. Parents will see me and communicate how things are going at home and ask about school.
I do a lot of communicating with parents. I do feel that there is a need to communicate the positive things a student does. I do this for some students but I need to do this for all students on a regular basis. All students really need to feel good about themselves and it needs to be shared with their families more.Most of the time parents hear about their child 's ' failures they need to hear about the child 's, successes .This is something I need to work on.Communication with the family is essential to the learning experience of students.

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