Childcare Case Study Essay

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Introduction I have chosen to do my case-study at a childcare center in Framingham. This center is owned by Staples Headquarters and run by childcare company Bright Horizons. They currently have 196 children enrolled which includes the following programs of Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten. A vast majority of the children who attend this school have two working parents with college degree and a good career. Most families are Caucasian and a good majority are of Indian descent, all in all there are many diverse families that apart of this school. Parents of children who work at Staples enroll their children to this school because they received a discounted rate in addition to a great education. Families…show more content…
Sometimes a student is successful in one area and having difficulty in another or a student has trouble using their words to communicate and becomes aggressive. At this center, the teachers have the tools to assess each child and the parents are interested in knowing the strengths and supports their child needs. The article Understanding Families, states that there should be “opportunities for families to discuss their beliefs about their children, what they want for their children, and how they support their children’s development” (Christian, 7). As conferences occur every 6 months, parents also communicate with the school and teachers via email and during drop off and pick up times. Another great example of parent communication is in the article Building Bridges from School to Home. The teacher builds relationships with parents by getting them to understand the areas that their child struggles and continues to strive in. Making sure they know that their child will master these skills when they are ready (Lawrence-Lightfoot, 2). At Staples Child Care Center, all teacher will assessments and observations about the child and a few suggestions that the child will benefit
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