Essay on Stages Of A Child 's Cognitive Development

Essay on Stages Of A Child 's Cognitive Development

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Piaget outlined and came to the conclusion that there are four stages to a child’s cognitive development. These four separate stages are sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational and formal operational. During this paper, I will break down each stage into more depth and give a teaching tool for children in that age group and developmental stage to help them better understand the concept of time and explain why it would be helpful for the child.
Stage one is the sensorimotor which lasts from a child’s birth until they are about two years old. This is the first stage of a child’s mental development which primarily involves sensation and motor skills such as seeing and hearing. Initially, infant’s primarily have natural reflexes and by the end of this stage they are able to start understanding what those reflexes and their own natural stimuli mean and also start acquiring language skills.
This period of time plays an important role in an infant’s cognitive development because they are beginning to become aware of their surroundings through repetition, observation, imitation, and thought. At this stage a child is unable to understand or differentiate themselves and the environment. For example initially children do not have object permanence which is the ability to understand that objects still exist although one may not be able to see them but by the end of sensorimotor stage, children understand this concept.
A teaching tool during this stage would feeding the child when they are hungry and soothing the child whenever they are upset. By doing this and being consistent, you are allowing the infant to make order of this new chaos they are now experiencing. Also, recognizing that during this time a child “has all the time in ...

... middle of paper ...

...osed to have an assignment finished by a certain time but still decide not to on their own. This tool is good for teaching them that deadlines are serious and that there is cause and effect for every actions or decision they make.
In conclusion, I feel that the concept of time throughout a child’s life is mainly learned by repetition and observation. Children mirror what they know and are accustomed to being around. Piaget’s theories in my opinion are quite accurate in a typical child but not all children develop at the same rate and I feel that this is a flaw in the theories because it is centered around the norm of the childhood population. In a perfect world, children all develop at the same rate but unfortunately that is not the case. All in all, development is not a smooth process by no means and takes years and years of repetition, observation, and practice.

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