Jean Piaget Analysis

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A well-known psychologist, Jean Piaget is most famous for his work in child development. In his theory of cognitive development, Piaget presents four stages of mental development: sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational. Piaget explains the adaptation processes that allow transition from one stage to the next. He also emphasizes the role of schemas as a basic unit of knowledge. Beginning at birth and lasting for the first 24 months of a child’s life, the sensorimotor stage is a period of rapid cognitive growth. The infant has no concept of the world around him, other than what he sees from his own perspective and experiences through his senses and motor movements. One of the most important developments in…show more content…
This stage occurs between the ages of seven and eleven. During this stage, children begin to understand the concept of conservation as described in the previous paragraph. They also begin to understand the perspectives of others. It is during this stage of development that a child is able to grasp the concept of reversibility. An example of this would be… Though children are still unable to fully comprehend abstract ideas, their ability to think logically about concrete and specific ideas does improve greatly. Children are beginning to use inductive reasoning – understanding logic from a specific experience to a broader principle. However, children this age still struggle with deductive…show more content…
Each schema represents a particular concept, such as a specific object, place, or action. These basic units of knowledge are constantly being modified and new ones are added as a child learns more about the world. Schemas are very important to cognitive development as they greatly affect how an individual understands and responds to both new and familiar situations. Piaget believed that even newborn babies have schemas. These few, innate schemas are formed even before a child has had the chance to explore the world. They are the cognitive structures of the basic reflexes a child is born with, such as the grasping reflex or the rooting reflex. According to Piaget, a newborn infant would have a grasping schema and a rooting schema, as well as a sucking
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