Essay on Spanking As A Form Of Discipline

Essay on Spanking As A Form Of Discipline

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Spanking as a form of discipline. Yes or no?

Discipline is known for training one to obey the rules of behavior by using punishment or correct disobedience. There are many forms of discipline to talk about, and usually someone would say spanking is the best way to discipline a child. On the contrary, spanking is not a form of discipline, but more of an abuse. Parents have to realize that they will need to discipline their children for many years furthermore, spanking should not be part of the discipline. Spanking can be the reason for many things such as, children’s harmful mental health, abusive relationship with their parents or guardian and also the reason they have bad long term effects.
Children 's mental health is the most important aspect of any child’s social and cognitive development. This is important for the reason that if they are going to live up to their full potential and live a life filled with happiness and positivity, their experiences should be willing to do what is best for them. A child who is spanked shows an increase to mental health problems. These healt...

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