Socrates And What Makes Him Interesting ) Essay

Socrates And What Makes Him Interesting ) Essay

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Socrates ' Limelight
(Analysis of Socrates ' character and what makes him interesting)
Around 430 B.C.E a child was born who would grow to influence the world through his teacher, Socrates. This child was Plato, who around 380-360 B.C.E. wrote his famous piece The Republic. The protagonist of this literature was Socrates whom to this day no one can claim with absolute certainty, backed with justifiable evidence, that Socrates was a real person. This is much similar to the situation with the Christian religion 's Jesus Christ, whom no one can prove with concrete evidence, was a real person because neither of these two famous idols ever wrote anything down if they truly existed. For Jesus, it was his apostles that wrote his story and for Socrates it was his student Plato. Socrates was a Greek philosopher with an interesting character and endless questions. In The Republic he poses the main theme and question, 'what is justice? ' to many different characters and engages in a debate with them in an attempt to come to a conclusion of some sorts, but first, he wants them to truly think about their reasoning behind why they define justice the way they do. Simply through books one and two of this text many instances have been presented that displays the intriguing character of Socrates due to his use of logic and ability to provide examples to prove or disprove a point, his method of making people question and justify everything they know, and his cunning refusal to answer his questions with his own opinion.
Socrates, throughout the first two books of The Republic uses logical arguments and is able to validate them with practical examples, simply to prove a point or disprove someone 's argument. '"Please tell me; what about the doct...

... middle of paper ...

...the singularly "correct answer."
Socrates is a very strange and delightful character. He is witty and practical. While he is a philosopher and can be abstract, he uses arguments to defend his theories and beliefs with practical reasoning and real life situations. He is also able to create doubt within the people with whom he speaks to. This is a great quality of a teacher. When we don 't question things we often remain ignorant and closed towards the possibilities. Knowledge is very valuable and being ignorant is as Socrates would most likely agree with is not blissful. Rather the opposite. Socrates also enjoys playing mind games and causing frustration, by presenting questions and leaving them open without him concluding with a sound answer and verifiable argument, which he is more than capable of doing. Overall, Socrates proves to be a very intriguing character.

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