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    Both Socrates and Aristotle strove to better understand the world around them using epistemological approaches they derived on their own. Aristotle disagreed with much of his predecessors' beliefs thus provoking him to create his own methods of understanding. Socrates would walk the streets of Athens barefoot and question anyone willing to listen and search for truth using his Socratic method. If the person was fully engaged with their conversation Socrates would try to lead them both down the path

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    Socrates Socrates, arguably the greatest philosopher in all of history, can also be one of the most confusing people to try to understand. His way of thinking was so far from the norm of his time he was considered to be corrupting the people he came in contact with during his life. But, was he corrupting or improving society? He appears to contradict himself on many different occasions during The Apology. But is he contradicting himself or do we need to look deeper into his words to understand

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    Socrates (470-399 BC) Socrates was born to a poor Athenian family in 470 BC He spent most of his time teaching others. One of his pupils was Plato. Socrates was a believer in absolute truth rather than relative truth. His main interest was the process by which people learned how to think for themselves. He would usually talk to whoever would take the time to listen. He asked many questions and criticized answers. His style of conversation has been given the name Socratic dialogue. Socrates

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    named Socrates showed the world a new way of thinking. Socrates was born in 469 BC in Athens (where he lived all his life) as the son of Sophroniscus, a stonemason, and Phaenarete. In his life, Socrates changed common philosophy, which was a study of why the way things are, into a consideration of the virtue and health of the human soul. Rather than writing books and recording his thoughts himself, he orally passed on his thoughts to many young people of his time, one of which is Plato. Socrates felt

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    Socrates Who is Socrates? Socrates was a Greek philosopher. He was the best of his time (400's BC), and is considered one of the wisest people of all times. Also, he was the first of three of the greatest teachers of ancient Greece. He was born and died in Athens. He was a short philosopher, who wore only a white robe at all times and all seasons. Socrates wasn’t interested in money nor fame. He wrote no books and most the information known about him comes from his students: Plato and

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    SOCRATES Socrates was a Greek philosopher who lived between 470-399 B.C. He turned Greek attention toward questions of ethics and virtue and away from those of the heavenly bodies. Socrates spent much time in the Agora (marketplace) where he held conversations with townspeople. Socrates believed that real truth could be found out through thought and collaboration with others. He was known for exposing ignorance, hypocrisy, and conceit. Despite having many followers, Socrates was disliked by most

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    Introduction The wise and inquisitive Socrates was both a philosopher and a martyr, not just in his words but in his actions as well. Socrates was so adamant about his principles that he wouldn’t deny them to save his own life. A lesser man left in his shoes would have done anything to stop the fate that he faced. Socrates practiced what he preached through and through and for the most part only taught good morals. The next four pages consist of the life of Socrates, his contributions to the world, his

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    is a credo which we seemingly impose upon Socrates looking back upon his life. The philosopher Socrates is a commonly known inquisitive character, and is mainly known of because of his trial in 399 B.C.E. (2) But was Socrates really everything we know him as today? Or have the lines between the real Socrates and the Socrates of Aristophanes, Plato and Xenophon been so blurred that we do not know who the real man is. When one initially learns of Socrates through Plato one gets an upstanding view of

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    Socrates Socrates, as known by Renault, was a beautiful creature. Not physically beautiful, but internally and fundamentally beautiful. It was he who said: When you assume the show of any virtue, you open a credit account, which one day you will have to meet or go broke (pp. 398). According to Renault, Socrates taught children free of charge. He often walked and talked with children and young men in the market. They discussed, or more accurately argued in a calm manner, various issues ranging from

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    Socrates Socrates was a Greek philosopher and teacher. His teachings, life and death have made him one of the most admired people in history. Although he wrote no books or developed a regular school of thought, his influence inspired others to. Socrates affected the entire course of Western thought. I believe Socrates to be one of the most important philosophers ever. Born in Athens, Socrates (470-399 BCE) was the son of a wealthy sculptor. There he received the regular elementary education