Sociological Perspectives Of The United States Essay

Sociological Perspectives Of The United States Essay

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1. There are three major sociological perspectives, these are three major theories are conflict theory, functionalism theory, and interactionist theory. Conflict theory is defined as a theory that focuses on societal groups competing for scarce resources. Functional theory (or also called structural-functional theory) is defined as assumes that all parts of a social structure (groups, organizations, and institutions), the culture (values and beliefs) and social processes (social change) work together to make the whole society run smoothly. Interactionist theory is defined as a theoretical perspective in which society is thought to be a product of the everyday social interactions among millions of people.
For example if we were to analyze the issue of poverty in the United States as it relates to these three sociological perspectives we would find interesting results of all three. If we first look at the major theory of conflict in the issue of poverty in the United States would would find that conflict is inevitable in any group or society and even tho the United States is a first world country ( meaning a developed, capitalist, industrial countries) there is still an issue of poverty. Conflict theorist claim that injustice and inequality are the source of conflicts that spread throughout a society. Conflict theorist claim that conflicts in a society are a result of resources and power being distributed unequally in society, where some members have more money, goods, and prestige then others in society. In some cases it has been seen that the rich protect their positions by using the power they have accumulated to keep the less fortunate in their place. From the perspective of poor people it seems as if the rich get all the br...

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...ter than the poorer person. When the poor person might not have as much money but they could be a better person than the rich celebrity. This could be because the different experiences and people they hang out with in life, but the person with more money feel as if they are entitled to more because of the people they have been around have taught them that they are above everyone else. This is how interactionism in poverty can be affected because the poor have been told they aren 't as good as the ones that have more money. When really this idea that society believes is just a product of what we learn from others.

2. Nuclear proliferation is defined as the spread of nuclear weapons, fissionable material, and weapons-applicable nuclear technology. This is a huge issue in the world today that could affect everyone in the world. There are several major steps that could

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