Social And Political Issues In Poverty

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Throughout history, poverty has been affected by many historical, social and political factors. These factors have not only influence debates about the’ worthiness’ of a person, but the role of government in poverty. Thus, in this essay, we will discuss how social and other dilemmas has affected poverty in the Unites States and maintain individual from addressing poverty at a large scale level.
One of the things that has affected poverty historically has been blaming the poor for their own living conditions. In fact, when I was living in Peru, I notice that both the people and the government refuse to help the people suffering from poverty because they saw their living conditions as a consequence of their actions. For instance, they thought
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In fact, in my own experience, I notice that the government of my country fail to provide adequate needs to homeless people because they saw that an issue of the individual and from charities organizations. Though the work of charities organizations is admirable, having these non- profit organizations take care of social and political issues however can be problematic, since often these charities societies have biases toward people in need which can prevent them from extending their help for all people suffering from social issues. For example, because the organization that my mother work was religiously founded, they only focused their help to homeless children suffering from mental illness and not all people suffering from the same conditions. Thus, like most government assistance, profit organizations can also make a distinction when offering their help to worthy and unworthy individuals. Also, because these organizations are fueled by an American belief on self- achievement, they tend to emphasize the individual role in poverty and see poverty rather as a character and not a social defect. Thus, as a result, charity organizations can advocate for individual relief and change to stop poverty. Finally, charities organizations can also cause major issues in the way that countries assessed and measure poverty. For example, it can give the impression that the individual is at fault for their own living conditions and second, it can cause major devolution of federal and governmental social programs. In other words, the presence of charities and other societies can cause the government to indirectly decrease its political participation in social issues by turning this a responsibility of local communities and entities. This in turn can affect the variation and diversity of social programs in the US, while reflecting the current predominant view
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